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In SCA usage, the Premier of an Order is the first person to receive it.

With respect to Peerages, there are a few variations.

  • The first person in the SCA to have ever received it is the Premier, without a doubt.
  • The Kingdoms usually refer to the first person who was made a Peer in that Kingdom as the Premier. Eg. Mistress Elizabeth Demeiza Félinnoir, Premier Pelican of the Outlands

SCA Wide Premiers

The first Peerage created was the Order of Chivalry and according to the Premier is:

Sir Ardral Argo ver Kaeysc

The Chivalry consists equally of Knights (such as Sir Ardral) and Masters of Arms, the first of which is:

Master Richard of Mont Royal

The second Peerage order created was the Order of the Laurel, which has two Premiers:

Master Beverly Hodghead
Master Alfonso de Castile

The third and final Peerage was the Order of the Pelican, orginally created by BoD as the Imperial Pelican, my research indicates that the Premier Pelican is:

Duke Cariadoc of the Bow